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As a victim of sexual harassment, it is entirely understandable that you would feel a range of emotions on any given day. You may feel anger, shame and sadness. You may feel as though your workplace is no longer safe. You may also desire a strong legal advocate who can protect your rights during this difficult time.


The experienced trial lawyers at Joseph C. Zisa represent employees throughout Bergen County who are being victimized or have been victims of sexual harassment. If sexual harassment interfered with your work or resulted in a threatening or uncomfortable place of employment, you may have a valid claim. Take the time today to reach out and talk to an attorney about how you can address this serious issue. We offer free consultations and can be reached At 201-342-1103.  



Employees in Bergen County area are protected from sexual harassment by federal and state laws. While you may know that sexual harassment in the workplace is wrong, you may not know what to do about it. You may mistakenly think that there is nothing you can do if the individual who is harassing you was not disciplined.


You may have a valid sexual harassment claim even if the individual who harassed you was not terminated, demoted or disciplined for his or her harassing actions. Our lawyers strive for legal excellence and strive to prove that the harassing behavior interfered with your ability to perform your job or that the harassing behavior contributed to a hostile work environment.


  • Sending a co-worker sexually explicit emails, videos, letters or texts

  • Telling sexual jokes

  • Asking sexual questions about a co-worker's sexual orientation, sex life or sexual history

  • Inappropriate touching of a co-worker

  • Making sexual gestures or comments

Our attorneys take great care to focus on the details of your sexual harassment claim. We tailor our representation to meet your needs and arrive at customized solutions for your situation.